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Motech IT Solutions

Business IT Services

Computer Business IT Services

PC and Mac Support

We offer Installation of new systems and maintenance on existing hardware. Includes cleaning, preventative care, and component replacement.

Network Solutions Business IT Services

Network Solutions

We offer network solutions for both wired and wireless configurations, including Wi-Fi repeaters, routers and modems from any provider for your home office or business.

Printing Solutions Business IT Services

Printing Solutions

We offer Installation and maintenance of printers and connect them to your network to make your business environment faster and reliable.

OS Installation Business IT Services

OS Installation

Our expert can install, imagie and clone the operating systems for your business computers including the Windows and Mac Os.

Security Business IT Services

Virus & Malware Removal

Our tech will isolate and remove your infected PC from the Viruses, Malwares and Spywares using his professional skills and applications.

Data Backup & Recovery Business IT Services

Data Backup & Recovery

Eliminate worry with automatic backups.
It is very important today to implement it.

So, if your hard storage device crashed, this plan will save your business.

Software Support Business IT Services

Software Support

Error messages and crashing software can cost you valuable time.

We can assist in resolving these issues with specialized software designed to repair system errors and maximize uptime.

Network Security Business IT Services

Network Security

We can keep your data secure with managed firewalls, security software for your workstations and secure, encrypted connections.

Tune-up & Optimization Business IT Services

Tune-up & Optimization

Tired of a slow system? Let us improve the speed and performance of existing systems, by eliminating resource-intensive programs, and repairing damaged file systems.

Website Design Business IT Services

Web Site Design

We will take your ideas and current marketing materials, and create a new professional website design and/or a new logo which will help your business thrive on-line.

Mobile Devices Business IT Services

Mobile Devices

We offer assistance with syncing of calendars, contacts, mail, photos, and documents on all of your mobile devices.
Email Business IT Services

Email Solutions

Email solutions, calendar service and anti-spam email system.

File Sharing Business IT Services

File Sharing Solutions

After evaluating, analyzing your work business environment and discussing your idea and the budget, the right solution will be implemented.

We provide different file sharing solutions:

  • Network-attached storage (NAS).
  • Central point computer or server to work as a file server.
  • Cloud file sharing service.
Imaging and Cloning Business IT Services

Imaging & Cloning

Whether you have one computer or many needs to be imaged or cloned to the other computers, or you wanna upgrade your operating systems.

We are highly skilled in the process and it will be implemented smoothly and done in typical time to save your time and money.

Business IT Services

& More Services

  • We offer FREE CONSULTATION. We send you the options with the estimation and you decide.
  • Hardware and software (hard or digital copy) purchasing and delivery IT services depending to your location.
  • Office Relocation Service: Professional service that will decommission and re-install your IT equipment to make the process fast and efficient. We also offer Free-of-charge network design audit that work with your office, saving you the cost.

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